River Adur

River Adur

Many miles of the river Adur from the fence just above Stretham Bridge (below Henfield) upstream to the road bridge at Wineham. On the western arm of the river we fish from The Fork at Henfield right through to Lock Estate at Partridge Green. We have access to most sections, some both banks.

We also fish some of Chess Brook and the Honeybridge Stream which run into the Adur at Betley Bridge; and above Bines Bridge, respectively.

Access to Sakeham Farm is through Sake Ride Lane off the B2116 Wheatsheaf Road, north of Henfield.

As you drive down Sake Ride Lane follow the signs via a right turn to Sakeham Farm.  Do not drive through Fieldlands Farm.  At all times be aware of free range cattle & horses.

On arriving at the farm you will see that there is a residential srea comprising of at least 9 dwellings, turn right and drive past a large green barn to the river.

Follow the country code and leave all gates as you find them.

Parking: at all times display your club parking disc (found on the inside back page of your membership book)

There is parking for about 5 cars in a compound close to the river, look for club sign on the fence.  When this area is full you may park apposite and adjacent to the green barn, but NOT in the residential area.

When parking leave space for large agricultural vehicles and trailers to pass.

The boundary,downstream, is the concrete weir & EA metering station, upstream, is the EA`s automatic dam & footbridge.

The parking area is approx half way between the boundary's.

This gives us continuious fishing from Mockbridge through to Wineham Bridge.

River Adur - Species :

Chub 3lb

Perch 3lb

Tench 7lb

Rudd 1lb

Roach 2lb

Crucian Carp N/A

Bream 7lb

Gudgeon 3oz

Dace 8oz

Pike 30lb

Carp 25lb

Sea Trout 15lb

Eel 3lb

Brown Trout 2lb

If you have a photo of your catches please feel free to send them in so they can be added to our Facebook page